Shepherds Hut


Welcome to Woody Fields Glamping!

Fancy waking up in a cosy warm Shepherds Hut, surrounded by beautiful vintage style throws, cushions and kitchen niceties?

Want to let the coffee brew whilst you lean over your stable door, gazing over the views of the sea and surrounding woodland, with only birdsong in the air?


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up slowly before the day starts in this beautiful location on the Wild Atlantic Way.

That’s our idea of heaven!

What will your day entail…?

After breakfast, you can take the day in whatever direction you would like.

Surfing one of the local beaches; hill walking; kayaking with the kids; country road walks; take in the local culture in an area steeped in history and heritage – perhaps get

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pampered in the local spa? Or maybe walk the few feet to the edge of our Glamping paradise to the sandy banks of Trawbreaga Bay and go for a paddle or a swim. The choice is yours.

Maybe you just want to get together

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have it all!

This is not just camping. This is Glamorous Camping. This is Glamping! This is getting as close to nature as you can get, whilst sleeping in luxury, keeping warm, clean and well rested!

Located not far from Ballyliffin village in Inishowen, Co. Donegal, we are surrounded by beaches, hills and stunning landscape. Come explore and relax and let us take care of you.

Have a look through our accommodation, the packages we offer and all the little extras you can avail of. Feel free to give us a call with any questions.

We look forward

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